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Executive Board


Hans-Jürg Fehr (president), since 2008 member of the Solidar Executive Board, politician
Dieter Bolliger, since 2014, head of financial departement at Syndicom
Judith Bucher, since 1999, secretary  at trade union vpod
Mario Carera, since 2012, special representative for the Middle East (FDFA)

Jacqueline Fehr, since 2013, national council
Bruno Gurtner, since 2008, economist

Dore Heim, since 2013, managing secretary of the STUC
Christoph Hotz (staff representative), since 2005, fundraiser

Andreas Rieger, since 2013, national secretary at Unia

Esther Maurer (advisory vote), since 2012, Managing Director Solidar Suisse