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From Swiss Labour Assistance SLA to Solidar Switzerland



On its 75th anniversary, Swiss Labour Assistance SLA has given itself a new name: Solidar Suisse.


Why Solidar Suisse?


Solidar Suisse speaks for itself. The name is a unique and catchy message that conveys both our core mission and our core value – Solidarity.


Solidar Suisse underscores our core competence and our specific, unique approach as we work towards greater democracy and stronger fundamental labour rights – leverage for a decent life and a fairer society.


Solidar Suisse conveys our partner-oriented approach. The word "assistance" expresses a paternalistic attitude and has been struck from the vocabulary of development co-operation. Solidar Suisse is a partner in development. We work locally with civil society and grassroots organisations, providing support and encouragement in their struggle for fundamental rights and improved working and living conditions.


Solidar Suisse evokes appropriate associations. In the past we have often found that our previous name, Swiss Labour Assistance SLA, failed to be associated with international development co-operation. Our new name is more transparent.


Solidar is written as well as pronounced similarly in not only all of Switzerland's national languages, but also in the most important languages spoken in the countries where we work (English, Spanish).

Our name is new – our commitment continues! We will continue to fight poverty by improving labour rights and democratic processes.



Solidar Suisse