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Humanitarian Aid


Guided by basic principles of humanity


Solidar Suisse's humanitarian aid is intended to produce swift and lasting improvements to the situation of victims of natural disasters or warfare by mitigating their physical, mental and economic distress, and improving self-determination and, hence, people's dignity. Other aspects of Solidar Suisse's mission are conflict resolution and disaster prevention, as well as the promotion of peaceful co-existence.


Lasting solutions

Solidar Suisse's humanitarian aid helps people help themselves who are economically and socially deprived, or politically oppressed. Whenever possible, Solidar Suisse will work with them to find viable and lasting solutions.


Solidar Suisse supports the hardest-hit

Solidar Suisse's most important target groups are the hardest-hit, most impoverished rural populations who are often overlooked by international aid agencies.

Solidar Suisse is an accredited member of SOLIDAR, the European network of social-democratic and trade-unionist aid agencies. Together with its SOLIDAR partners, Solidar Suisse provides humanitarian aid in various project countries.