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Since the mid-1980s Solidar Switzerland and its partner organisations in Mozambique have been involved in fighting poverty and improving conditions for politically, socially and economically deprived communities.


Mozambique is, with more than 20 m inhabitants, one of the poorest countries worldwide and ranks 184 out of 187 countries according to the Human Development Index of UNDP. The population didn’t benefit from the high economic growth of the past years – 57% of the rural as well as 50% of the urban population lives below the poverty line. Illiteracy is high (60%); life expectancy is low (43 years). Mozambique’s fight against poverty depends on development cooperation.

Following its independence in 1975, Mozambique was devastated by a civil war that lasted for 16 years and only ended with the Rome General Peace Accords in October 1992. In the mid-1990s the government began to rebuild the country. The liberation movement FRELIMO won the four national elections since 1994 and dominates the majority of urban municipal governments as well.


Development with Setbacks

Mozambique has enjoyed almost twenty years of peace since the end of the civil war. Great strides have been made in terms of consolidating democracy and reconciliation. However, floods, droughts and famines repeatedly have put obstacles to development. The population of Mozambique faces great challenges in the form of chronic malnutrition and the consequences of HIV/AIDS.


Empower People, Vanquish Poverty

For 25 years Solidar Switzerland has provided support to the deprived and marginalised in Mozambique, as well as emergency aid and reconstruction after natural disasters. Its objectives are to fight poverty and to empower politically, socially and economically deprived populations (e.g. women, smallholding farmers and workers). Solidar Switzerland's partners are grassroots and community based  organisations, trade unions and local NGOs.


Solidar Switzerland focuses on:

  • Democracy and Participation, with a particular focus on the democratic participation of deprived urban and rural populations
  • Labour rights and the strengthening of trade unions

Joachim Merz is Solidar Switzerland's desk officer for Mozambique.